The Pursuit of Thought

Year 2829. I'm 20 now. And still thinking.

After we got our fake passports we became "normal citizens"...ok, not really, but we let the government think that. Secretly, we thought, we schemed, and we looked for other people who were still thinking. A suprising amount of people kept thinking, so our numbers grew. 

The governments ban on thinking was ridiculous. Anything that required the slightest amount of thought was banned. You couldn't even choose your own job, the government chose your job for you. They stuck me in a steel plant. Great job seeing as, well, you know, I hate the smell of burning steel.

While we seemed like normal citizens during the day, at night we began to think. We were graffiti artists mainly. Writing words like "THINK" on walls is suprisingly exciting when police are trying to stop you. 

Did I mention the police? They aren't allowed to think either. They have to radio in what they see and then wait for orders. Believe it or not, that makes it pathetically easy to get away from them.

Our other hobbies include blowing up government offices, hacking government mainframes, breaking people out of jails, etc. All in a days work really.

The one real advantage to living in a world where noone thinks is that the government forgets that people are capable of treason and doesn't do much to hunt down possible traitors, so they haven't figured out what we're planning yet. And they probably won't until about a second before we degovermentize them. I have no idea how they are explaining the random exploding buildings. But thats there problem. As long as they don't figure out our plan, we're fine.

Currently there are a thousand of us. Not enough, not nearly, but we're growing, and we don't fight with numbers, we fight with thought.

The End

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