Burning Metal

Unfortunately for the earlier mentioned government, which called themselves A.K.A. (anti knowlege association, although they're more of a dictatorship then an association), someone did notice the governments plan, and decided that they didn't like it.

It was at this point where Barbinn proved that destroying the intellectual center of the world is slightly more difficult than destroying a normal city.

Barbinn's plan was simple. When A.K.A. attacked, retreat into an underground network of tunnels and blow the city to shreds around the invaders with remote detonated explosives. The city would be gone, but it's people would survive, and they wouldn't survive silently, they would remember how to think.

The inevitable came on January 14th, one day before my birthday. How kind of it. The plan would have went well, except for the fact that the government attacked and before we could react had infiltrated the city. A few people made it to the tunnels, but most were stuck in the city with a large number of mechs. Mechs that happened to be armed with rocket launchers, flame throwers, and machine guns. All of which create the smell of burning metal. Have you figured out why I don't like that smell yet?

What followed was a massacre of incredible scale. And lucky me, I was stuck in the middle of it hiding under a cardboard box. Did I mention that mechs have thermal vision? Yeah, boxes really aren't all that useful. Fortunately, before the mech's decided I was worth their time I was found by what was left of Barbinn's resistance. A small group armed with rocket launchers and machine guns. A small group that was smart enough to realize that they didn't stand a chance against mechs and decided to retreat. Smart people, I guess that's what you normally find in the intellectual center of the world.

A few weeks later we were set up as normal citizens, with fake passports and all. The government had initiated it's new antithinking laws, and the general public had began to stop thinking. Except of course, for me, my friends, and assorted others.

The End

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