Life Without Knowledge

Burning metal. I hate that smell. Alot. Why? That's along story...but then again, that's kind of what I'm writing, so why not.

Year 2824, January 5th, 10 days from my birthday. I'm 15. 

The world had just gone through a revolution that left everyone with one government, a very corrupt government. A government that figured out that if people don't think, people won't rebel. And so it began. The government began it's campaign to destroy thinking. It's first target? Barbinn. The intellectual center of the world, one of the only places in the world that the government knew would never stop thinking. And my hometown.

The government quickly replenished it's collection of mechs, armored suit with incredible firepower that are annoyingly difficult to blow up, and prepared an assault. The plan was perfect. Except for one thing. In their attempt to destroy the intellectual center of the world, the government forgot that they were trying to destroy smart people and didn't think that maybe, just maybe, one of the smart people would have figured out the governments plan and decided to prepare for it.

The End

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