Chapter 5Mature

Chapter 5


Staring up into the night sky, hunting rifle slung over my shoulder, I wonder how things went to hell so fast. Mentally reviewing the past couple weeks, since the initial outbreak was around three weeks ago, and things around the house haven’t exactly been peachy with Anthony’s mysterious friend skulking around. Jason, well he wasn’t the same after that night he showed up with a little girl and a dog at four something in the morning. He won’t tell us what happened, but his eyes, his gorgeous blue eyes… there was fear in them, a lot of fear, although He seems to be reverting to his old self as the days go by, luckily. There’s a groan, and it takes me a minute to identify a loan zombie stumbling down the road, drawing my knife I silently charge up behind it, and snake an arm around its shoulders then ram the blade up through the bottom of its jaw. As the weeks had gone by I’d lost some of my original fear for them, they still scare me but I’ve become confident in one-on-one combat with the beasts. Withdrawing the blade and stepping back I wipe the blood off on what’s left of its shirt and sneak back to the western perimeter barricade of the house, which was mostly made up of spare metal panels and cars that were either wrecked or out of gas. After climbing over the wall I return to pacing, hearing my watch beep and I lift up my wrist and check it. The golden Rolex gleams in the moonlight, Anthony brought back like twenty watches, the hands show it’s two o’clock in the morning. Well my shift is over I think as I head back to the door and give Leila a high five as she walks out for her watch. Closing the door, I hang my rifle up where the coats usually go and walk into the kitchen for some dinner I’d smelled being prepared earlier. Jason’s at the table eating, he must have just got back from eastern perimeter watch. Though there are no roads over there zombies have been known to stumble in through the fields.

“Mmm, Cheeseburgers.” I say to him, my mouth watering from the smell of food.

He nods in agreement then takes another bite. I notice his dog lying on the floor beside him; he hasn’t yet named her so everyone just calls her girl. Grabbing a plate of food and a drink from the fridge I sit down opposite him, trying to think of a way to spark up a conversation but nothing comes to mind. He looks up and our eyes meet, though after a couple of seconds he looks back down at his food as if nothing had happened. Guys are such morons sometimes I think, a little annoyed.


The End

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