I stare with amazement at the fact that she’s alive, and then I see she’s covered with blood, her nose looks crooked and her arm bent at an odd angle. She looks up at me, smiles painfully then steps forward, I drop to my knees as she collapses and catch her, dragging her back into the elevator.

“Whoa, what happened to you?”I mutter incredulously.

“Elevator, remember? Falling like eight floors, I’m not as big as you, falling hurts.” She gasps.

I faintly smile and lay her back against the door. She looks to be about eleven or twelve; I’ll have to ask later. I think, getting up I push the button to close the doors and then to go all the way to the first floor of the hotel, which oddly was the maximum floor of this one. I dash into the lobby when the doors open; surprisingly the place isn’t totally scorched from the fire. I take a step forward motioning for the little girl to follow me, but I don’t hear anything, turning around I see her leaning against the wall totally unconscious.

“Crap.” I whisper.

I look at the dead zombie on the floor a few feet away, most of the flesh is burnt away from the fire but the bones still appear intact. I jog over to it and, with a grunt, rip off both arms, dislodge the hands and then peel whatever skin and muscle is left until satisfied. I look around and see the desk looks mostly intact. Rifling through the drawers and cabinets I find some duct tape. I go over to the girl and bend her arm to the correct angle; she groans but doesn’t wake up. Laying the four bones out on the sides of her upper and lower arm I tape them together until it looks sturdy enough and pick her up gently then move as fast as possible out to the car and lay her down in the passenger seat. A church with a clock tower is nearby; I jog till it’s within sight.

“Seriously? No way I was down there for the better part of the night.” I say with disbelief.

The clock reads at Three twenty something. I dash back to the car, throwing open the door and get inside, turn the vehicle on and start driving back to Kelly’s place hoping the others made it back okay.


The End

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