The giant monster from earlier is standing there, looking completely ticked off, it lets off a bloodcurdling scream and it reaches into the elevator to grab me there’s a ding and the doors start to slide shut but his hand enters the threshold and is jerked to a stop as the elevator doors closes on it, then elevator tries to close with no success, the lift goes upwards towards the first floor of the hotel and the monster bellows with either fear or rage as the elevator brings its arm up to the ceiling, which is quickly becoming the floor. There’s a shudder and a groan as it hits the top and gets even more stuck between the floor and upper lip of the elevator door. It tries to pull out but when it gets to his wrist the elevator creaks, and with a sickening wet crunch it slides all the way up severing the abominations hand to writhe around on the floor until the nerves die and it begins twitching. I sigh, realizing I’ve been holding my breath and fall back against the back of the lift. The dog hides in the corner whimpering softly. I can hear the creature still yelling with rage and now a mix of pain and confusion as well. We hit floor 8B and the elevator stops suddenly, what the? I confusedly think to myself and get ready for some sort of conflict waiting on the other side of the door, for something had to have pressed the button. It jerks to a stop, and then dings signaling its arrival. The door opens to reveal the girl.

The End

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