Beware of Elevators pt. 2Mature

Leaning heavily on the wall I bend over the sink and turn on the water and wash as much of the dust and crap off my face as I can. Then, stepping over to the mirrors I peel off my shirt to assess the damage to my body from the fall. There are a couple minor scratches and large bruises, plus my ankle seems to be sprained and there’s a big gash on my left bicep and my left shoulder is bent at a weird angle. Oh hell I bet it’s dislocated I painfully think, grimacing, I tie a paper towel around my bicep to staunch the bleeding and then bite down on some other towels. I brace myself and then with a huge crack, jerk my shoulder back into place. The towel is useless in stopping the screaming. I lean on the wall again and slide down to the floor and sit with my eyes closed. A sound off to my left jerks my eyes open and my head towards the sound; something is crouching in the corner. I get to my feet and limp forward, the thing moves out into the open, its tongue hanging loosely out of its mouth. I laugh softly as I see it’s just a dog. Falling back against the wall I hold out my good arm towards the animal, it cautiously moves forward and sniffs my shoe. Ha, it thinks I’m a zombie I laugh silently. After a minute it confirms I’m not going to eat it and steps forward cuddling up against my chest. I examine her; she’s white and black and looks like a husky. With a start I realize there must not be very many zombies on this level if any at all, unless they’re vegetarians and only eat humans. I think to check the collar for tags revealing its owner, only to discover it’s not wearing one.

“Huh, guess you don’t belong to anyone do you girl?” I ask gently.

The dog looks up at me as if to say I do now which kind of made me smile. I pull myself to my feet and the dog stands vigilantly at my side. She follows as I limp into the hallway and start making my way down in search of an elevator or stairwell once more, hoping some other abomination doesn’t charge out of the shadows at me. As luck would have it, for the first time in the past few days I catch a break and find a working elevator without a single zombie, although I know this will only lead to something bad. So instead of just getting ahead of myself and clicking the elevator button I looked around and found an emergency stairway a couple paces to the left. Making sure the door was unlocked I go over to the lift and push the button. Bracing myself to run, I flinch when the bell dings and the doors slide open to reveal nothing. I exhale heavily with relief. The dog whimpers and darts into the elevator as if scared, I lean in and push the button wondering what she’s so afraid of, She looks like she’s staring behind... Me… Oh crap my eyes widen as I realize there’s something behind me. I turn around slowly and my heart stops, ice runs through my veins.

The End

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