Behemoth's for daysMature

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The monster has stopped eating the man; all that’s left are a pile of bones and leftover flesh. The sight horrifies me and makes it hard to not throw up everywhere, if I did, the thing would come and eat me next. I just have to wait till it leaves; I really hope it leaves soon… The sound of wrenching metal causes my eyes to fly open and see the thing disappear out the door. Once the sound of its thudding footsteps escapes my hearing range I scramble to my feet and run over to the door, trying to move as softly as I can. I have to suppress a small chuckle at the fact that it left the door wide open, I dash into the outside area, I’m still in the hospital basement place. Okay okay, left or right…? Wait that decision didn’t work out so well last time. Without thinking any further I turn left and move down the corridor as fast and silent as I can. There’s no elevator at the end of this hallway, just a stairwell. The plaque next to it reads F32B, despair wells up inside of me as I decipher it to mean Floor 32 Below, or Basement… How deep does this place go? I absent mindedly wonder. I fling open the door and then drop to my knees with hopelessness. The stairs only go down not up. As I rise to go back the other way I freeze as I hear a thud behind me. I turn slowly, fear creeping up my chest. I take a step back involuntarily as I see the giant hulking behemoth standing fewer than four yards away. It takes a step forward, then another; I’m frozen to the spot with fear. It’s foot kicks a small rock accidently and the rock hits me in the leg, snapping out of my stupor I turn and bolt down the stairs as fast as my legs can carry me, the monster stops walking and starts chasing down the stairway after me, except it’s not using the stairs, it’s jumping over the railings, narrowly missing me each time, completely destroying the stairwell, eliminating all chances of me going back up the way I had come. I pass a plaque reading F36B which causes me to hesitate. Then the monster lands in front of me, it takes a step forward reaching out to grab me, but the thunderous footstep causes the floor to crumble and start falling down from the enormous pressure given by the creature. I blink, and then I’m falling, myself and the monster, for each time it lands with its full weight it crunches through another floor. I think it has the bad luck, but I’m also hitting the edges of the floor on the way down, which slows my fall but still causes immense pain, then it’s all over, I hear the gargantuan bellow in pain and then silence, I fall one last floor and then land on the monster. Coughing and choking on the dust and small chunks of stone from the stairwell I roll off the thing. My shoulder hurts a lot but there’s too much dust for me to open my eyes without being blinded. I stumble around holding out one arm and finally find a door handle. I turn the knob and fall forward onto the tile and lie there for a minute. I wipe the dust off my face with my arm and groggily walk over to the men’s bathroom.

The End

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