Chapter 4Mature

Chapter 4


I open my eyes and look around the dimly lit room. There are bodies strewn all across the room. Various body parts and organs layered the floor. On the far side of the room something huge lurks in the shadows, it appears to be eating something. I try to play dead and search the room for an exit. Off to my left is a door, about four of five yards away. Man I’ll never make that without making some noise in all this gore. There’s a moan from one of the bodies. It starts to try and get up.

“Wh- Where am I?” It mutters with a deep male voice.

Play dead man play dead! I want to shout. He gets up onto his knees and looks around. Then he looks towards the thing on the other side of the room, I follow his horrified gaze and see that the thing has stopped eating and is now turned in his direction.

“Oh God.” He whispers shakily, his voice full of terror.

The monstrous thing stands up, the fear growing ever greater within me as it stands straight up at around seven feet tall.

It steps into the light and the man’s expression goes from terror to mortification, and he mutters “What are you?”

It doesn’t answer; instead it delivers a viscous blow to the side of the man’s head, snapping his neck with a sickening crack and crushing his skull making a loud crunching noise. I open my eyes and examine it more closely, it appears to have once been a bodybuilder, but now it looks mutated, with huge muscles and seven foot body height. It bends down and I notice ridges along its back as if its spine is overly large, it picks up the body and sits down on the floor and starts tearing into the flesh. The sound of its teeth gnashing the meat is sickening; it’s difficult to not throw up everywhere. It cleans one of the arms and cracks it open to drink the marrow, the sounds are repulsing.


The End

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