The Basement?Mature


“Ugh” I groan as I open my eyes.

I roll over onto my back and sit up against the wall. There’s a ringing in my ears.

“Crap, probably got a concussion.” I say, through gritted teeth.

As I look around the room and take in my surroundings I notice that we went to the basement floor of the hotel. I try to stand up but fall back to the floor.

“Wait a minute, where did the little girl go…?” I ask myself.

I look around again with my eyes a little clearer, and notice the blood spot on the far wall.

“Ah man.” I mutter to myself quietly.

I get on my hands and knees and slowly crawl out into the dark hallway. Scanning the area again I see it looks more like an abandoned hospital than a basement. I go over to the wall and use the railing to hoist myself into a standing position and make my way down the corridor leaning heavily on the wall. I take another step forward, right next to a door and slip in something wet and sticky.

“What?” I mutter in confusion and look at the floor which is covered in thick gore.

I roll sideways out of the pool of blood and other various organs and manage to get up without the railing this time and start walking down the hall. It’s difficult to avoid the numerous scarlet pools. I stumble down the hall and see an open doorway; I walk over to it and peer inside. There appears to be what used to be a torn apart corpse in the corner. So ravaged that it wouldn’t have been able to function as a zombie anyway. I closed the door as a precaution anyways and resumed walking down the hall. It ended in a branch to the left and right.

“Okay, left? Or Right?” I ask myself a little puzzled. I shove my hands into my pockets and rummage quickly through them. I pull out a shiny quarter.

“Heads I go left.” I say to no one. I flip the quarter and trace it through the air; I stick out my hand palm up and catch the quarter. I begin to open my hand then hear someone’s sneakers slamming into the once white tile floor thundering down towards me. I look down the left towards the sound but can’t make out what’s running towards me as half of the lights are out. I reach for the gun I had stuffed in my pocket only to find that it was no longer there.

“Crap.” I murmur with irritation.

I brace myself for what’s growing ever close to me and shout “Alright! You want some? Come get some, I’m sick and tired of zombies today!”

Its face enters the light and I lose all confidence and get out the words “Oh man.” Then everything goes black.


The End

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