Anthony's AccidentMature


This day just gets worse as we go along doesn’t it? I angrily thought while driving down the highway back to Kelly’s place. Doubt much could make it even worse unless all the girls get bit… I look into my rearview mirror checking for signs of zombies following; they’d followed me for a short while out of the city until the car got within a good couple miles distance. I noticed something in my peripheral vision and look down.

“Son of a” The startled words barely escape my lips as I swerve sideways to try and avoid the zombie that walked into the road. To no avail as my car flips over and then rolls down the street. I open my eyes slowly trying to shake the disorientation away and wonder why everything is upside down. My head clears a little and I realize that it’s not everything that’s upside down, but the car itself. I unbuckle the seatbelt and crash to the floor, or roof… whatever. I crawl out of the wreckage slowly, trying to avoid the glass everywhere from the shattered windows. As I stand up I stumble around a little, my ears ringing. I try to focus but everything is hazy, I shake my head some and it clears. There’s a large blood streak on the ground trailing to the car. I look myself over and notice I’m not all that injured save some scrapes and definite bruises.

“Guess seatbelts do work.” I mutter.

Where did all that blood come from then? I think as I stumble to the other side of the car.

“Whoa!” I shout nearly falling over as half of a zombie lunges at my legs spilling its intestines all over the street.

It lunges towards me again but this time I’m ready and bring my leg up. I drive my shoe into its face. There’s a split second pause and then a crunch, my foot goes forward and into its brain as the skull shatters. It shakes for a moment and then stops moving, I shove it off my foot and try to wipe the brains off my pants. I lie back on the ground and close my eyes; I faintly feel my head hit the pavement as I slip into unconsciousness.

*           *                   *


The End

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