Beware of ElevatorsMature

My gaze at the messy reflection is interrupted as the sobbing of the terrified little girl reaches my ears. I look over at her and she’s got her face buried in her hands. I try to wipe the gore off my face with my shirtsleeve only to make the problem worse from the blood coating the drenched sleeve.

“Look, I’m not going to hurt you, I promise.” I said soothingly holding out my arms.

She tentatively looked up at me and rose unsteadily to her feet.

“You’ll make the monsters go away?” She inquired quietly.

“Yes.” I answered confidently.

The corner of her mouth twitches into a small smile for a few seconds. I scan the room quickly and notice a moderately large knife in the kitchen area; I walk over and grasp the hilt getting a feel for its unfamiliar weight.

I began walking to the door when suddenly the girl quietly shouts “Wait! I forgot something!” as she bolts into one of the bedrooms.

I stand there puzzled for a few moments before the girl comes out with a pistol and a couple clips of ammo.

“Oh yeah, this is nice.” I whisper in amazement.

She dumps the clips into a small backpack and slings it over her shoulder then tosses me the pistol. I clumsily catch it, noticing it’s heavier than it appears and figure I should probably not use this unless absolutely necessary. So I stick it in my pocket.

“That was my dad’s…” The girl sadly says to me.

“I’ll take good care of it.” I reply to her with a serious tone in my voice.

I open the door slowly and we head out into the hallway. I walk straight for the stairs and just as I reach the door I hear a chorus of moans from the stairway. I move backwards cautiously for a couple steps and then a Crack! Echoes throughout the hall when I look down and notice that I just stepped on a fallen potted plant and shattered the jar, I look quickly back at the young girl and we both freeze, but to no avail as six or seven of the ugly creatures burst through the stairwell door and charge towards us. I turn and see the girl’s already ran to the elevator. Wow she’s fast. It dings open and she gets in and pushes the button as I sprint down the hallway towards the elevator. The doors begin closing Oh crap oh crap oh crap I reach my maximum speed and dive for the doors and sail through the closing elevator slamming into the far wall. The elevator starts lowering and I get dizzily to my feet and then Snap… snap…. Groan I look up realizing that the fire had done more than I had originally thought, and the cables were about to break  FWOOM  we instantly plunge downwards  and I vaguely hear the girl start screaming as I lose my balance and start flying around the inside of the elevator. Then there’s a sudden jolting stop as we crash into the bottom floor but unluckily for me I’m in the air as it happens and slam into the floor blacking out instantly.

The End

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