The HotelMature

I leave the parking lot and hook a hard left speeding towards one of the other supermarkets where one of the others was looting. I pull into this one’s lot, and see Anthony loading up a fancy looking sports car, so I drive over to him and rolled down the window

“You need me to carry anything in my car?” I ask seeing the amount of stuff he’s trying to load.

“Yeah, I got this.” He nods in acknowledgement.

“Okay, I’m gonna head back then.” I tell him.

“Okay, whatever.” He replied short and blankly.

I roll my window up and drive out of the parking lot. Speeding quickly through the streets towards the outskirts of town, I drive and come upon a hotel; I scan the windows and see a face in the window. An actual human face, not a mindless flesh eating one, seeing it makes me instantly slam my foot into the brakes and bring the car to a stop in front. I open the glove compartment hoping to find a gun like most people in the town have, but all I found was a screwdriver.

“Good enough.” I mutter to myself.

I grab the keys out of the ignition, lock the doors and look up seeing it is roughly on the sixth floor, I start running up to the big hotel double doors, lowering my shoulder and bracing myself I slam into the doors, throwing them open and flying into a zombie dressed as a bellhop. We crash to the floor, luckily I come out on top and pin him to the ground, driving the screwdriver through its eye socket, and don’t let up till it stops twitching. Yanking the screwdriver out, I get up and then, sprinting through to the elevator. I vaguely remember the building was currently on fire so at the last second I changed direction and ran to the stairwell. I throw open the door and start charging up the stairs. If there really is someone up there they aren’t going to last very long in a burning building. I think, as I hit the seventh floor and cautiously peek out the door. Seeing no zombies I exit and see a door slightly open, running over I open it fully and check the room, there is the person, hiding with their hands covering their face in front of the window.

“Hey, you okay?” I call out to the cowering stranger.

The person looks up; it’s a girl, her eyes shining with tears and terror.

“Make the monsters go away!” She screamed at me with terror in her voice.

“Shh, it will be alright.” Trying vainly to comfort her.

My reassuring words become quickly useless as one of the zombies crashes through the door behind me driving me into the floor. I try to gain purchase but it’s struggling too much, we roll around on the carpet, and striking something with my head accidentally, silvery lights begin exploding into my vision. No way that I’m going to pass out. Even though my vision is fogging over, I can still feel the thing. We stop rolling and it comes out on top of me; I reach out with a hand and find a hold on its shirt. Groping around on the floor near me trying to find something of use, I find something round and then, recognizing the figure I think yes! The screwdriver! And I wrap my fingers around it then plunge it deep into the side of the zombie’s skull. I try to move back but it begins violently twitching and flailing around like a fish out of water, impeding my retreat. I reach up and yank the screwdriver from the zombie’s skull and jab forward once more, driving it into the zombie’s forehead sending it catapulting backwards and off of me. Getting shakily to my feet I look around the room, locking my vision on a mirror as I see my gore splattered face.

The End

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