The Parking LotMature

Holding my breath I stare it down hoping it won’t sense me and turn away. No luck, the voice on the terminal came on “Have a nice day.” Ah crap, it lets out a bloodcurdling scream and tackles me to the floor. I try holding it back as best I can while I try to keep its jaws away from my neck which seems to be its target. Managing to get a grip on it with one hand I draw back my other curling it into a fist. Lashing out as hard as I can, I strike the poor bastard square in the nose, sending it reeling backwards and off of me. I scramble to my feet and notice it getting to its knees and it goes for my thigh.

“Oh no you don’t.” I mutter as I bring my knee up into its jaw with a sickening crack as its neck broke from the sheer force of the blow.

Looking around and I see more nearing me, I turn around quickly and begin pushing the cart as fast as I can out the open doors. I risk a quick glance behind me and see that they have started running as well, chasing me into the parking lot. I ditch the cart by a car and burst into a flat out run leading them in a large circle around the lot. I reach the cart with a large head start on them and checked the car seeing it unlocked with keys in the ignition although the seat is covered in dry blood.

“Awesome!” I shout enthusiastically, and then I look up and see they’re only a few yards away again.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” I say with a sigh and turn, bolting around the parking lot another two times making sure I have a big lead on them and then pop the trunk of the car. I load about half the cart in when I have to close the trunk from it filling up and then do another lap around the lot with the zombies chasing me, I reach the car again and fling open the back door and unloading the rest of the cart, I slam the door shut and look up; once again they are nearing the car. So I turn and did another two final laps until I get back to the car. I open the door and hop into the seat, as soon as I get the door closed I flip the ignition on and relish in the sound of the car rumbling to life. I switch it in reverse and back out of the spot, I quickly switch it to drive and speed towards the exit and have to turn on the windshield wipers as one of them collide with the front of the car and splatter blood and gore all over the vehicle.

The End

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