Chapter 2.Mature

Chapter 2


Oh man this was a bad idea from the beginning. I worriedly think while jogging silently down aisle four of the local Big Mart attempting to avoid slipping in the various pools of blood. No zombies yet though.  I figure that’s probably a good thing anyway. I stop to scoop some cereal boxes into my cart, and then turn the corner to aisle five and freeze instantly. At the other end of the aisle is at least twenty of them. Oh crap… no wonder they’re all down there though, meat department. “I would kill for some bacon.” I think aloud. “Well, on second thought, I doubt that I would, no reason to try and kill twenty Zed’s just for a pack of bacon.” The thought makes me laugh quietly. There’s a groan from ahead, focusing on its point of origin I see one of them turn towards me and start shuffling this way. I examine it quickly and then nearly threw up on my food. While looking at its torso one of its lungs falls out with a wet plop on the floor. I wheel the cart around and drive as fast as I can to the nearest check-out aisle remembering there are security tags on these and I’d need to ring them up, or else I’ll set off the alarm and bring the horde down on me. Ringing up the first item, I tense as it beep. Ah crap I forgot they beep. I ring up the rest of the items as fast as possible and as I near the last few I see three or four of them turn the corner and head for me. Crap crap crap! I scan the last one and the voice on the terminal goes “Error, please scan again.” SHUTUP! I shout in my head, scanning again more carefully I drop it back into the cart and look up nearly peeing myself. One of them is looking me in the face, well not exactly looking since one of its eyes is hanging out of the socket dangling around from the optic nerve. 

The End

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