End Chapter 1.Mature

She absent mindedly whispered a thanks. She opened another door and walked in, I followed still and noticed that we were now in the kitchen and dining room; there were stairs at the far end of the dining room indicating a second floor and a basement. She strode over to the stairs and went up them, I began to follow her up the stairs but she told me to stay downstairs, I reluctantly went back to the living room and examined the various photo’s lining the walls and what movies and games were on the shelves. Oh, look they have Season 10 of Red vs. Blue… girl’s got taste. The thought made me quietly laugh to myself.  I heard steps behind me and noticed she was coming down the stairs wearing a new shirt and jeans, considering her previous attire (the school uniform consisting of a black skirt and white button up shirt) were covered in blood. “So what’s your name?” I asked her, “I never really pay much attention to learn it.” She looked at me questioningly for a brief moment before whispering “Kelly.” I gave her a nod in notification. I jumped as the door crashed open; I jerked around suddenly alert only to notice that it was Anthony walking through the door. He looked in my direction and nodded a quick “S’up?” which almost made me laugh. He noticed my smirk and said “What’s so funny?” I looked at him briefly “Nothing man.” He rolled his eyes and plopped down on the couch. I suddenly had a thought and grabbed the TV remote and clicked power. Kelly came over and asked what I was doing, “Checking the news channels.” I replied and started flipping through the channels with despair filling my chest. “Oh, oh no.” Kelly whispers beside me, all of the channels were coming up with issues and not broadcasting a thing. Casting a glance around the room I noticed the others with horrified looks so I quickly flipped the TV off. “What does this mean?” The girl whose name I still didn’t know asked. I laughed silently to myself, she sounded like a scared mouse. Anthony looked at her “It means that the TV stations have stopped broadcasting.” He calmly stated. “Or the towers are down?” I added quickly. “So… what do we do?” She quietly inquired. “I don’t know.” Is Anthony’s glum response. “How much food is here?” I solemnly asked Kelly. “Not very much maybe a day or two’s worth, we were supposed to go shopping after school…” She despairingly replied. “Then we need to head into town and get some supplies, maybe search for our families too.” I quietly stated. Anthony looked at me quizzically and opened his mouth to say something but was off as the girl shouted “Through those THINGS?! What do you suggest we do?!” She looked more scared than angry, which made me wonder why she was shouting. “Easy, we go shopping.”


The End

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