The HouseMature

I drove us towards downtown hoping that there would still be some sort of civilized people left, but as we neared we seen that the city was ablaze and delving into madness as the monstrosities ravaged the people all throughout downtown. I released the gas and hit the brakes and stared in horror at the insanity in front of us. I sat there feeling helpless as the creatures destroyed my town, and there was nothing I could do. I heard one of the girls in the back start crying… Anthony just sat there with his mouth hanging wide open in horror.

“Who-“my voice cracked.

Whose house is c- closest?” I asked.

“Mine is.” One of the girls squeaked out. She sounded like a scared little mouse.

“Move up front, I need directions there.” She made her way up front and sat down in the passenger seat; she looked terrified, but pointed to a street and told me to go that way.

We drove for about ten minutes, the girl giving me directions, no one else talked; we were all too shocked. We were still on the outskirts of the city so most of the area looked grassy and such, except for the huge amount of smoke behind us and the weird red haze of fires still burning. Luckily though there weren’t any to very few of the things- Zombies, as Anthony wanted to call them. I thought it was ridiculous but it did fit the things. “This is it” The girl said and pointed to nice medium sized house, with a small barn and a swing set. It didn’t look like anyone was home. “No one should be here, mom and dad are working and my two brothers are….. At school….” I knew what she was thinking; they were out there in that madness. “I’m sure they’re fine and safe” I tried to say reassuringly. She nodded but didn’t look too sure about it. I pulled into the drive and parked in front if the door. I unlocked the car doors and stepped out; Door’s probably locked… but why not give it a try? I thought to myself and walked up and tried to open the door. Nope, locked. “Here I have a key” The girl said and walked up, pulling the key out of her pocket and unlocking the door. She opened it and walked inside. I followed close behind noticing the others had decided to stay outside and look around out there. We had gone down a short hallway and she pointed out the door right to our left was a closet so I needn’t go in there. “Here is the living room” We emerged into a medium size room with a plush brown couch, a nice looking chair, a small coffee table, and an entertainment system with a gaming console and T.V. “Nice looking place ya got here” I said to her.

The End

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