Everyone suddenly froze; then the things in the hall around us slowly turned and started shambling out the door. We let out a sigh of relief “Okay guys… let’s move before the ones in the stairs get down here.” They nodded a silent agreement and we quietly jogged to the nearest exit that wasn’t the courtyard. We attempted to open the door but to no avail, it was locked. We rushed over to the next exit and thankfully it wasn’t locked; we pushed it open and walked out into the parking lot. It was a little after noon so the sun was high and it temporarily blinded us as the brightness hit our eyes. There were only a few in the lot so we moved quietly through the cars towards one of the girls mini-vans, Anthony protested at first about not wanting to leave behind his sports car but gave in once I explained there were five of us and his car only seated four. We reached her mini-van after about ten or twelve minutes of dodging them. She was so scared she dropped her keys while fumbling with them to try and unlock the doors; I reached down and picked them up for her trying to give her a comforting look and then unlocked the doors. “I’ll drive, okay?” I said to the others as we piled into the vehicle. I backed the car out and flinched as a thud echoed from the rear indicating we had hit one of them; I drove towards the school gates and cursed noticing they were still closed and probably locked which led me to wonder how the things had gotten inside anyways, I brushed the thought aside as I called back towards Anthony “Hey man, I need you to go out and open the gate, I got your back.” He looked reluctant but got out of the car and raced towards the gate latch and opened them as fast as he could before running back to the car and slamming the door behind him as he hopped in just in time as one of the things slammed into the side of the car. “Go! Go! Go!” one of the girls screamed at me; I drove my foot into the gas pedal and was jerked back as the car suddenly lurched forward; I hear a muffled scream from the back as Anthony flew backwards and landed in the back seat since he hadn’t sat down yet. There was a huge thud as one of them hit the front of the car and went flying up and over the roof. Then more thuds followed as I realized there was a whole mass of them; which made me ease up on the gas a little, “No, I shouldn’t hold back on them… they aren’t people anymore… they aren’t even humans anymore!” I step on the pedal and floor it, plowing through the mass of creatures. I turn on the windshield wipers just to be a smartass about it but quickly realize they were a great deal of help since the front windshield was increasingly growing thicker with their blood. “Jesus Christ how many of them are there!?” Anthony calls from the back, but almost as suddenly as he said it the thuds stopped and I realized we had made it through the horde somehow.

The End

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