The hallwayMature

At first none of them move; yet once I start opening the door they all line up behind me as if trying to hide. I slowly open the door and suddenly flinch when it creaks slightly. I silently creep out into the hall trying to avoid slipping in the various pools of blood that seem to have no bodies, as if they all disappeared. I hear a groan from down the hall; and suddenly realize why there are no bodies… and that realization scares the crap out of me. Oh man… There is a large group of about ten of the things down at the end of the hall, but… they aren’t things, they’re people; or at least what used to be people. I freeze on the spot trying to make it seem like I was invisible. Luckily they don’t seem to notice me; I look behind me and motion for the others to move into the hallway. Once they see the things, it looks like they’re all having mini freak-outs inside of their head. I tap Anthony on the shoulder and gesture towards the emergency exit about three doors down. He nods his head and repeats what I had meant to the girls. We start sneaking down the hall hoping they won’t notice us. As we near the exit a small feeling of joy radiates through me as the thought Holy crap we’re actually going to make it! crosses my mind. But no such luck as, one of the girl’s slips in a pool of blood and slams into a locker trying to keep her body upright. The things turn toward us with quick jerking motions; we were all frozen with fear and dread, none of us seemed able to move. “Oh crap.” Anthony tries to whisper but is cut off by a loud chorus of moans from the group as they began to race down the hall towards us. I throw open the emergency exit “GO!” I shout to the others; which seems to break them of their stupor. I make sure all four made it through the door before heading in as well and racing down the stairs as fast as possible. We ran down the stairs at full speed, one of the girls opened the door at the bottom which revealed one of the things. Anthony raised a fist and carried his full momentum into the punch and sent the thing flying backwards into the far wall. None of us even slowed down. We got into the hall but it was cluttered with the things. I scanned the area for an exit but couldn’t see one that we could get to without having to fight some of them. “Maybe we should go back?” One of the girls whispered. “That idea’s all to hell” Anthony responded hearing the thuds of some of them falling down the stairs behind us. The things started moving in our direction as if sensing us there, or simply hearing the thuds from the stairwell. Damn it! I thought as they drew closer. There was a faint scream from the courtyard outside.

The End

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