Everyone except those of us in shock from the sudden uproar whom are unable to move, we get to be the lucky few, because those who are running into the hall first are instantly attacked by the monstrous things awaiting us outside. I jump out of my seat and slam the door shut then lock it, feeling sorry for those unfortunate souls I had trapped outside. Sitting down with my back to the door trying to block out the screams coming from outside I try to make sense of this. Someone said “Another BS high school day.” I look up to see who it is and realize it’s was one of the basketball players. Anthony, I think his name is. I glance around the room; there are five of us including myself. Three girls, and two guys. Two of the girls look nervous or maybe scared; one just looks bored like Anthony. Standing up, I ask “Does anyone know what’s going on out there?” And gesture behind me towards the door, that’s when I notice the screaming outside the door, has stopped. No one says anything; they either have no idea or are just too terrified to speak up. I hear a faint shuffling coming from the hall outside, as if someone is walking past but dragging their feet; I back away from the door with fear. “Maybe we should b- barricade the d- door?” One of the girls stammers. I move a chair over to the door and lean it back under the handle to jam it. Another of the girls gasps and points at the bottom of the door noticing the shadows moving around outside. I place a finger on my lips and motion for everyone to be quiet; hoping whatever it was won’t hear us and will go away. The shuffling sound the thing makes outside slowly fades as it moves away. We all sigh in relief. Turning around I study the faces of the three girls, recognizing one of them as Leila Skye, and other than Anthony I don’t recognize any of the other others faces. Suddenly there’s a loud crash that sounds like doors breaking down somewhere far down the hall. Everyone gets wide-eyes and listens hard for sounds of the things nearing. There’s a scream which gets abruptly cut off; I decide to speak up to everyone else seeing as we really need to leave before they get to us. “Guys, we really need to get out of here, those things sound like they’re coming closer, and as far as we know they’re powerful enough to get through doors; which means it won’t be long before they’re right on top of us.” I say, which makes one of the girls look like she’s about to faint. I continue, “So I’m leaving, if any of you four want to come with, then let’s go; if not, stay here and pray they don’t find you.” Turning I walk toward the door as silently as possible.

The End

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