When it hit the fan.Mature

It's your basic zombie outbreak, it overwhelms everyone, sweeping through surprisingly fast, wiping out a third of the worlds population on the first day. Yet somehow a few High Schoolers are managing to defy odds and survive this apocalypse.


Chapter 1


Sitting in the back of the class I don’t really listen to the lesson being taught while I gaze out the window into the cloudless Thursday sky above. However, the teacher interrupts me, “Jason, please answer the question on the board.” I glance at it for a moment, “The answer, Sir, is seventy-two point five.” I reply blankly and then go back to staring out at the sky. I vaguely hear him say “Correct.” Before I am consumed by my thoughts once more, why do they insist upon calling on me? Is it because I’m a genius or what? It’s not my fault that I’m working at a higher level than some college kids and only a junior in high school. Or that my parents pushed me harder than the rest of the kids since I’m probably the only kid from a one child family in this school?  I would just like to be left alone sometimes… Other times I just wonder why life can’t be like in the movies, the kid no one really likes or expects to save the day becomes the hero and is loved by all, why can’t I be that kid?... Because life isn’t like the movies… it’s life, no fairy tale endings; there’ll probably be very few exciting moments in my life- I'm soon abruptly interrupted once again as the principal comes over the intercom “Students, you are dismissed to go home early due to an emergen-“ the intercom cuts off. I hear some kids muttering to themselves about faulty electricity and noticed some others with quizzical looks on theirfaces. The intercom buzzed back on “Back off you mon-!” it screams then cuts out again. Some students start looking concerned. It comes on a final time but this time, there aren’t any words said, just the principal screaming and a sick, wet, crunch-like noise before the intercom went off again. Everyone is frozen with fear; All I can think is What the hell is going on? ... Another thirty seconds pass before it registers and someone starts screaming, the shit hits the fan immediately as everyone panics and runs for the door, trampling one another to escape. 

The End

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