Epilogue: The Passing of Time through a Generation

10 years later

Emily moved the heavy boxes around in the attic and tried to dust them. They were quite the burden to pick up and move but she figured that now would be the best time she had. Every box was heavily dusted even though it was hard to see. The only light she had was of the tiny window that brought in a bit of sunlight.

She suddenly stumbled upon a small box. Slowly and carefully she picked it up and removed the dust. She blew on it then held it up to the window. It was a square white box with a removable top. Emily opened it and basked in the glory of the beautiful watch.

It had been ten years... yet how could she forget something so important like this?

She sighed and immediately took off down the stairs.


Willie heard the door ring late in the afternoon. Everyone had just finished eating dinner and she was now starting to pick up. Quickly she headed for the door and opened it. She was a bit shocked to see who was there. 

"Hey," Emily said and gave a shy wave. Even though she was eleven years older she never lost her shyness. "Can I come in?"

After recovering Willie quickly answered. "Sure." 


Emily awkwardly sat on the nice leather couch in the living room next to her comfortable sister. She hadn't been here in years since they went through the fall out. 

After Charlotte's funeral the two had gotten into one too many arguments and finally just stopped talking to each other all together. Charlotte would not have been proud of it at all but these two seem to forget that. 

Emily rummaged around in her purse and pulled out the white box. 

"What's that?" Her younger sister asked. 

"Well I found this today in my attic. It seems I had forgotten about it after all this time." She carefully handed the box to Willie. 

She opened it not knowing what could possibly be inside until she saw it. Tears stained her eyes as she took the beautiful, clean watch out of its case. 

"It was written in mom's will that she didn't want to wear it for her funeral. Instead she put down that I would hold onto this until I thought that you were mature enough to handle it," Emily shrugged. "So here I am."

"It looks more beautiful than it did 30 years ago," She gave a small laugh and wiped her tears. "Gosh I can't believe this thing is still here. And it's still working." 

"Is it really?" Emily asked. "I didn't even notice."

"Yeah. It sure is a trooper," Willie then looked at her sister. "I'm sorry for everything that happened."

Emily frowned. "No. I should be the one apologizing. I don't even remember how it started in the first place." 

"Same here. We were really stupid back then." The two looked at each other and laughed. 

"Well we're here together now." Emily smiled. 

"Yeah. That's all that matters." 

The two hugged tightly and all the while the watch was placed on Willie's wrist. 

The End

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