IX: The Reason for Living

Everyone passed Charlotte and the clock on by. The kids grew up and had more little people of their own. They visited often, especially after the man died. It was a truly sad day. Charlotte didn't even wear the watch that day but when she came home wearing black she cried herself to sleep and all the clock could do was watch.

The months rolled over slowly and each day Charlotte was growing more fragile. The watch felt her hand shake whenever she reached for something. Every bone in her body made a creaking sound. The watch was now very worried for its master. The one person that had taken good care of it. What would happen next? 

It had decided to not dwell on the future, instead it just decided to think in the present. However there are many inevitable things in this world that no one can deny.


The last days of Charlotte's life were the most bittersweet days of her and the clock's life. Most of her family came over that week but she never said anything. She knew what awaited for her at night... but she wasn't ready to go just yet. 

The last will she had legally done was when Willie turned twelve. What she was about to do was a bit informal but it would do.

On a regular piece of paper she wrote down the most important items that needed the keeping of others. It had taken an hour to complete but it was done. 

She looked at the watch and it looked back at her. Charlotte had completely forgotten about it. 

She scribbled something down on the paper with a shaky hand. That was the most important item. A tear drop fell from her eye and onto the paper. She sniffled and folded it down. 

Charlotte walked to her bed and knelt at the end of it. "Dear God, I do not wish to trouble you by asking too much. The only thing I ask is that you take as of good care of me up there as you have down here," Her breathing slowed and she shivered. "I know that the only reason we live is to die. I've known for quite some time. But the life we live is never in vain. It never is."

Charlotte stood and crawled into bed. Slowly she fell into a deep sleep. In the morning she never woke up. 

The End

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