VIII: Sharing a Gift

"Well let's see here." Charlotte bent over the old watch and adjusted her glasses. She sat in her house with Willie and looked at the old watch. She hadn't wore it or taken it out that much since the kids were born but she was getting back into wearing it. 

Willie had suddenly asked about it one day and she figured that she would get it out today if there was time. 

The two examined it quietly and looked at the old thing. The white leather straps were worn and weren't white any more. It was stretched but still managed to look a bit beautiful. 

"Wow mom. It's so pretty!" Willie said and clapped her hands.

Charlotte laughed. "Thank you dear. I first got this when I was your age. It was a gift from my father for Christmas. I used to play with this old thing all the time. To be quite honest I'm surprised it hasn't stopped yet."

"You should clean it up." 


"Yeah. There's no reason to not wear a watch that hasn't stopped. Especially since this one is so pretty." She smiled.

"Alright then. We'll take it to the shop. I could never figure out how to clean a watch but I always tried." She stood from her chair at the table and began to gather her things.

Willie suddenly looked at her mother and asked, "Hey mom?"


"When I get older can I have your watch?"

Charlotte gave another laugh. "Yes dear. You can."

The End

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