VII: Growing Older

The leather watch always kept track of the time as each day passed. In the beginning everything seemed to move so fast. Charlotte and that strange guy moved in together in a small suburban neighborhood. The house was really nice with large windows, and it was also painted white. The clock didn't get to see a lot of it though because she only wore the it maybe once or twice a month.

When the days moved on though it began to notice a change in Charlotte. A small bump formed on her stomach. Over the course of what felt like a long time the bump grew. Then one day the strange man and Charlotte were gone. The watch did not know the reason and felt very alone. It was when they came back a few days later that it felt relieved but it wasn't for long. They brought home a dainty looking thing in some sort of carriage. It sure slept a lot; more than the watch did. 

The dainty thing began growing though. At first it just slept and cried. Then it rolled in its crib and cried. After that it began to crawl and cry. It then started to stand and cry which led to walking and crying. The odd little person (who's name was Emily) also talked after a few months. The watch could understand but Charlotte couldn't. That was very strange. 

When the small person grew older Charlotte had two more bumps on her belly two more times after that. The second was a boy named Peter, and the third was another boy called Peyton.  They too began to grow just like Emily did. When Peyton turned eight Charlotte had the last little person come into their family. Her name was Wilma (Willie for short).

Those beings then turned into children, which turned into teenagers, into new people, and finally into young adults. 

All while this was happening the clock noticed the strange guy and Charlotte getting older. She began to get wrinkles and her hair thinned. She gained a few pounds but then lost them. Her gorgeous eyes grew dim and aged with her. The clock was a bit sad when it noticed and worried quite a bit. But she always looked so happy. Her smile never once faltered and every time she saw her family her eyes glimmered again. 

That's right. Even though she was growing older she was not gone yet. 

The End

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