VI: Starting Life

The city they were in now was very big. It had large gray buildings that went on forever into the sky. Many people bustled about in the busy streets, it was quite nerve wracking for the watch. 

Every day Charlotte would go into these buildings and retrieve many things then return back to the same building which looked quite more luxurious. Inside of it people were always running around with clothing, planners, and scrapbooks of some sort (but clothing was carried around the most).

The woman she worked for was a bit impatient and rude sometimes but she always looked so stressed. The watch guessed that Charlotte's job was to assist this woman.

It didn't seem long before Charlotte was climbing up her own ranks. They moved into a bigger apartment that was in some place called Manhattan. She also got a cat. In her job life she got a new office in a different building. The clock often fell asleep whenever they were at her work but she always brought home rough sketches of outfits and some magazines. 

All was well in the clock's and Charlotte's life.


After a few more years things really became stressful. Charlotte didn't often wear the watch anymore. Instead she wore a new one with red straps. It was given to her by some guy. Those two had seen each many times over two years. The clock thought it almost abnormal. 

Charlotte wasn't at work as much as she should have been. She was out everyday going to different stores. Some were cheap and had regular pots and pans, others were very expense and held lots of furniture and glorious paintings with accessories.

The one day that the clock will never forget though was when Charlotte tried on a dress. It was a subtle white with many lace designs intertwining and beads spread throughout. The dress was gentle and formfitting until half to the leg. It was there that it spread out onto the ground. 

She looked so gorgeous that it made the watch want to cry. It did wonder why Charlotte was crying a bit but only sniffled along side her. It felt so happy and was filled with the same emotions as its master. 


A day came where the two went to a different place out in the country. Though the watch could not see anything because it was put back into the same box that it came out of. 

Some hours passed and Charlotte finally took it out. 

"You're really going to wear that?" Someone else said from the side of the room.

"Of course. This watch has been with me through many stages of my life, yet it has not failed me once. This is an important day that I wish to wear it." She answered very confident. It made the little thing tremble with embarrassment and pure happiness. 

Only a few minutes later the clock found that they were walking down an aisle.

The End

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