IV: Outcast

The wild teens year grabbed Charlotte harder than ever. Through the clock's eyes and ears it saw its master going crazy. 

At first Charlotte was still sweet and kind but it appeared that she got into some bad things along the way. Her clothing changed dramatically. The sun dresses she wore were replaced by anything and everything black. They were usually torn in some places. She dyed her hair a different color at least every month or two. Her make-up also grew heavy on her angelic face and made her seem quite ugly. 

Every night in her room smoke would flood everywhere and often made the poor clock want to cough and choke if it could. On some weekends many people would come over to the house and play loud music. They would often bring food and drinks. Some would even wander into Charlotte's room. 

Each time it was all over and her parents came home they would fight constantly. Just with each other and Charlotte. The poor kids (there were four of them now) cried for hours and the watch could feel their sadness. 

To be honest it was one of the worst things the clock had ever seen. During that time it was never once worn until the first sunday of Charlotte's last summer. The family had all decided to go to church. Surprisingly the little watch had noticed a big change in Charlotte. At first it was slow but gradual and little by little she had gone back to her beautiful self. Finally she had returned.

The clock thought that Charlotte would moving away soon but it was actually not that. She still went to the same school each day after summer ended. But she looked happier. Sometimes though when she was wearing the watch it could feel her stress and the trembling of her fingers. 

That year went by a bit slower but when school was coming to an end the clock noticed Charlotte was very excited. It wondered why every day but never found the mystery until that fall. 

The End

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