III: The Innocent Years

As time rolled on, the wrist watch counted each second as did Charlotte. It was glad that its master had granted it such a wonderful delight for the human senses and abilities. Now it could do almost anything it's master could. 

From eight years of age Charlotte grew closer to the watch. She adored it and wore it almost everywhere, receiving many compliments along the way. It was very common for her to get it cleaned regularly. 

Even though it would be raining Charlotte would play out in the mud with the older boys. The same with the winter. Often was her family happy. In fact they were so happy that her parents even adopted two more kids. My, that was a pleasant surprise for Charlotte but she came to love her little sister and brother. 

She would usually skip along the streets with much happiness in those days. But as the years continued on the watch could feel the girl growing older and more independent. It slipped her mind everyday to put on the watch. Only when some special event came around was when she would wear it. 

The clock still continued to tick on though, not doubting  the girl who used to put it on everyday. It knew that eventually she would come around again. Be it months or years. It knew. 

The End

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