II: The Beginning

Charlotte stared hard at the beautiful wrist watch in the box. It was getting late and the guests were just getting here. The light in her room was little so instead she turned on the lamp on her nightstand. She knelt over her bed examining the box. 

She had always thought that it would be quite interesting if any object could independently think for itself and feel the things that a human could. She then got an idea.

She swiftly stood up straight and looked down into the white square at the watch. " You shall now have ears." She said. The watch grew a pair of ears though they did not actually exist. Instead the watch was given the gift of hearing. 

"Listen up now. I'm giving you a privilege by letting you be able to experience something no other watch has. So take good care of this gift and I will take care of you," Charlotte nodded and proceeded.  "You shall now be able to see."

The little clock instantly began to see. It looked up at its owner and observed. She had beautiful little red curls and light skin that was sprinkled with freckles. She had emerald eyes and wore a dark green dress. 

"You shall now be able to smell." Charlotte giggled at this one. 

The watch could then smell the sweet scent of cookies baking down stairs.

"You will now be able to feel the gift of touch."

The watch could then feel the walls of the box with its leather straps. 

"My last thing I give to you is the blinding ways of being able to feel emotion." The girl said it with such passion that the clock could feel her voice moving through it. 

It really was a blinding but completely eye-opening experience for the clock. This was the beginning that changed everything. 

The End

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