Life Through the Eyes of a Clock

A small girl receives a wrist watch as a present for Christmas. This watch then begins to learn about the sorrowful and purely beautiful moments of a human life.

Charlotte woke up in the safe comfort of her fluffy bed. She then realized that it was time to get up. Excited, she quickly jumped out of bed and slipped on her slippers. She first trotted over to her window and opened it. A white blanket of snow was spread throughout the large land and even covered the trees way beyond. 

She squealed with delight as her little feet carried her out of the room, down the hall, and into her parents bedroom. She bounced onto their enormous bed and searched beneath the covers for them. 

"Wake up! It's Christmas!" Charlotte said and pounced out of their room. 

She of course was the first to get downstairs. She opened all the curtains to the old victorian home and let the light stream in. It was still early in the morning and the sun hardly came out at all in the winter but the gleaming snow lit everything up. 

"All right. All right." Her father said as he traveled down the winding staircase with Charlotte's mother. They both shielded their eyes to the brightness and went into the living room. Father lit the fireplace and watched the sparks ignite. He then sat down in his large, leather, framed chair that was placed by the tree. The tree itself was too tall to even put a star on it. But under it was filled with all kinds of wrapped presents where some were even stacked on top of each other. Her parents were hosting this year's family get together for Christmas so they just left others presents underneath. 

Charlotte sat down with sparkling eyes. Even though her red hair was in tangles she still looked cute with her ruffled night gown. 

As soon as her mother gave her the okay she began tearing things apart. Each box torn open was a pleasant surprise that instantly appeared on Charlotte's face. Each smile was golden. The presents were only things that Charlotte needed which made her even more happy. She only got one present a year that she didn't need. 

By the time Charlotte was done the wrapping paper was torn to bits all around her. Some of it still floated in the air. Father picked it all up and left it in a trash bag in the kitchen to take out. They then moved on to her parents present next. Mother received a beautiful diamond necklace that twinkled like the celestial stars. Father got new golf clubs for when he went out with the men and a new set of cigars. From Charlotte they both cherished the wonderful family portrait she had taken from her first very own camera. 

It seemed that everyone was delighted with their gifts. Charlotte moved for the kitchen, she thought that they would have breakfast but Father stopped her. 

"Now just wait here a minute. I have a special surprise." He retreated back up stairs and came down a few minutes later with a small square box in his hands. It was wrapped in rosy pink paper with a soft white ribbon and bow placed on top. 

"What's this?" The little girl asked confused, thinking she had already opened everything. 

"The last present." Her father replied and sat down again. 

She slowly unwrapped it taking note of how precious and delicate it seemed. Under the pink paper was a hard white box. She removed the cover and looked inside. her eyes trembled upon the beautiful watch that laid inside. It had white leather straps and a silver rim that beamed. It had small numbers inside for twelve, three, six, and nine. Inside were light, pearly, swirls that repeated throughout. 

Charlotte's eyes teared up and she threw herself at her dad. He embraced her with a big hug. 

"Thank you so much father! I'll take very good care of it. I promise." She muffled into his robe. 

He stroked his daughter's hair knowing that she would keep that promise. 

The End

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