They arrive.

The alien detector starts to beep so fast and so often that it starts to vibrate. By the time Jim gets to the JPS screen to see were the aliens are, the thing falls apart. However, Jim manages to get a quick glimpse of the location of the alien craft. They aliens were supposedly planning to land in his backyard.

He decides to just sit down right now, and finish his Mac' and Cheese while the aliens are coming.

"Dad, I need new socks," he says. It seems that Jim has inherited the scatterbrain-ness from his father.

"What? Oh yes. I'll get them for you this afternoon." He sighs and puts down his fork. "Honey, I need to get another towel."

"OK Nut-Cheerios."

Krawford leaves his food and heads upstairs to get another towel. While he is going, he forgets that he's gone up just to get a towel, and he enters the bathroom.


You see, Krawford has this small habit of singing in the bathtub while he scrubs his back. He only uses purple back scrubbers. It is not as if he has an obsession with purple like his neighbours have an obsession with pink, it is only with back scrubbers. He also uses only strawberry smelling soap because he likes strawberries. His wife uses lemon soap, Cassie uses only lavender smelling soap, and Jim rarely uses soap at all. He only uses soap when his parents tell him to, because he is very obedient.

OK, enough with soap. As Krawford is scrubbing his back, his daughter downstairs groans.

"Mother, he went up only to retrieve a laundered towel. Why is he bathing himself?"

"Oh, honey, you know how your father is. He forgets."

"Thank you mother for reminding me," says Jim. "I had forgotten about the aliens." Jim gets stimulated by anything. He has remembered the aliens simply by the word 'forget' that his mother has said. Jim makes his way to the broken alien detector, and looks at the small thing he has scribbled on the body of it in case he forgot: aliens due in backyard. He goes to the window of the room and looks into the sky. He sees a huge star in the darkness and sees it getting bigger and bigger. He jumps up and runs out of the house.

Meanwhile, Krawford, in the bathroom, is finished with scrubbing his back. He is now scrubbing his neck, having finished with his toes, thighs, stomach and arms. He has a habit of starting to clean himself from the bottom up.

As he scrubs him neck, he hears a loud thud, and feels the whole house shaking.

The End

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