Life sucks but hey at least we're not dead

After Julia's birthday her mom and dad begin to stress over the fact that her grandfather is missing, they begin searching all the real timer communities including Circadia where her friend Gabby had once gone. In the next few days her parents are focused on finding her grandpa while she's focused and regaining the attention of Seth Moreno, she thought he seemed out of it and she wanted to know why. As days grew longer Julia started spending almost all her time with Seth and the rest avoiding he

In the story you get to see Julia's family and her neighbourhood's reactions of how the slowing is affecting them and the environment around them. As the days get longer and the slowing starts to affect food growth, solar energy, and weather, the people around her seem to change more and more. Someone is always panicking, we mainly see her mother doing that, but Julia seems to be the only person in this story who continues to be herself and stays mostly calm. Her take on the environmental change is a lot different than the other's rather than jumping to conclusions about the world ending, she continues her life as a preteen and doesn't change her views or ideas because of anyone. What i've learned from this novel and Julia is that just because everyone else has the same views and ideas doesn't mean you have to change and conform to their standards.

Because of the slowing  nobody really has friendships anymore, well the adults at least, there's really no time for social gatherings considering to world is in peril. All the adults seem to have become worried and stressed over the fact that this slowing could highly hurt and affect their family, everyone has become constantly high strung and very weary. Julia's old friends and classmates act mature or try to be at least, while julia just continues being herself as a preteen, we see everyone around julia changing and leaving but julia keeps being her awkward and socially inept self.

The End

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