Life Saver

This same experience in the first chapter happned to me. I was about 5 and i was on a family holiday. My family weren't looking and i slipped into the deep end of a pool. I thought i was gone, until a strange lady saved me. Its the reason i'm still alive. I dedicate this book to her. Thank you for saving me.

Luke sat on his surfboard.....he waited for a wave to come. Miss.Jodie and Mrs.Lila were sitting on the beach watching him, eyes like hawks. Luke still sat there, his bright blue surfboard with dark blue swirls underneath him. Then out of nowhere a huge wave took unsespecting Luke right under. Luke tried to swim but for some reason he was paraylized! Miss.Jodie screamed as loud as she could: "HELP! HELP! HE'S DROWNING!" Luke couln't move. He could feel is mouth opening and taste the salty water coming in there. He closed his eyes exspecting to die in a matter of minitues.

Time flew by, Luke would surely be dead....

When Luke awoke he wasn't drowning in the sea,in the orghanige, or in detention with Mrs.Lila. He was pretty much alive! Luke saw a woman in front of her, she had long blonde hair and the greenist eyes imagineable. She was wearing a blue top, green jogger shorts and some sandles. "Hello sweetheart...are you ok?" The Lady asked him. "Um...yes i'm fine...but i feel wierd..and hungry..." Luke puffed.

"Like hot pot?"


"Like soup?"


"Like pizza?"

"Oh yes please!" Finally answered Luke. "Yum so do i!"The Lady giggled. "May i ask your name? I'm Luke." He said braver. "Ah ha! I'm Katie!" Giggled the Lady (Um..Katie).

The End

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