Part 1,Chapter 1:New School,New People

 I guess it all started around 7th grade.As you know,that's usally the year you start middle school.Some schools it's 6th,mine,it's 7th.So the middle school I'm going to is a different one that most of my friends are going to.That means no friends by my side if I get picked on.Since I'm not an average girly girl,USED to have glasses,and have braces,apperantly I'm weird,lame,stupid,ugly,and a whole lot of other things I won't even BOTHER to remember.And get this,the girl who bullied my last year along with her friends,are going to the same middle as me.Haha what joy that is.I bet she's going to tuen almost everyone agaisnt me just like she did last year.I bet your thinking, why are you going t sit there and not do anything about it?!Hnestly,my parents couldn't care less about my life problems.I mean,they never WANTED a kid,but don't want to give me away or hurt me.They help me (even though they don't want to),and they take care of me but don't care what I do basicly.But I'll get to THAT part of the story later.So where was I?Oh yeah!So anyway you can tell I get bullied 24/7.You might think,once again,does the bully live close to me or something?The answer is,no.Because she doesn't live close to me and I get bullied 24/7,yup,that's righ,I get cyberbullied.So my life straight out sucks.I don't know what I'm going to do for school.At least making friends part.I'm leaving in a minute to go school shopping with my friends."Mom,I'm going school shopping with some of my friends.Can I borrow a lil' money?""Sure,here's two 20's."she replied looking at her magazine about,I don't know,cooking?Maybe celeberties......I mean everyone loves gossip.Sometimes..

The End

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