Chapter One

Chapter One

21st December, 2010.

I have been seventeen for one-hundred and fifty years, and I still hate it. I used to use my looks to my advantage, and I used to love it. But now, it is a curse. My piercing, icy blue eyes that attract everyone else's; my pale white skin that is flawless. My face, morphed when I turned to become a beautiful face.

My story starts in a block of flats, somewhere in England. My room was pretty big, and filled with modern appliances. It was like a proper house, rather than a room in a block of flats. I was very rich, but not by honest means. Most of my apartment was black and white, except for the wooden crucifix I kept above my bed, just to remind me of the humanity that still existed somewhere inside me.

I was lying on my black leather settee, watching the T.V. When I say 'watching' I mean, 'looking at whilst daydreaming about what could have been'. My black hair fell to my eyebrows, swept stylishly across my forehead. My eyebrows, normally arched slightly, were mashed together in concentration and anger. I had been reading a book which had drawn my happiness from me. The book was about vampires, and all of the legends. I knew that most of them were correct; the only one's that I knew were wrong was the sunlight one, the garlic one and the cross one. And the legend I believed in most was that vampires were lonely. Always alone.

Vampires are always considered evil beings, and I had never doubted that. Even though I forced myself not to drink human blood, not to hurt humans, even though I had good thoughts, and nothing evil had ever penetrated my soul, I knew that the evil was in there, even though the good is stronger. I was thankful that the good was stronger, but I also knew it couldn't hold back the evil for a very long time.

After a while, I decided pondering on a thought as miserable as the concept of evil, I should go out, get some fresh air. I grabbed my coat (a black pea-coat) that fitted snugly around my figure. I walked out of the door, looked around, and flitted down four flights of stairs within a second. That was one of the advantages of being a vampire.

There was only four days `till Christmas, so I was prepared for crowds of people, and there were hundreds of crowds. I had to keep to the darker, smaller streets and alleys to get away from them.

But then I saw one particular person. A girl.

The End

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