Life or Destiny

A story about a vampire...again.


The brilliant sound of the piano always used to calm me. The melodic, lyrical tone of the music that it creates; it used to be the only thing that could make me sleep, three hundred years ago --when I was only a baby. I grew up listening to the piano, and I could play it as soon as I could walk and talk. I had a talent, apparently; I was a prodigy; a prolific composer. I had been famous, the 20th century's version of Mozart. I grew up abiding my my dad's rules; he used to control me. He used me for the money I made him.

But this stopped when I was seventeen years old. On my birthday, in fact. I remember being out with four of my many friends. I was very handsome at that age, which got me the things I wanted; girls, friends. But never true happiness.  But my birthday was the night that my drinking, and my arrogance was no longer controlling me or my life.

It was my first time at a tavern, and my friends were sharing the same experience with me. We walked in, happy and excited. We walked up to the bar, and flirted some drinks out of the barmaid. She was pretty, but I wasn't there for girls. I was there for my first drink. We --my friends and I-- took the drinks to a table out of the way in the far left corner of the bar. We got drunk after only a few beers. We laughed loudly and didn't care what other people thought. But then there was a flash of lightning, a loud crashing sound, and everyone whipped their heads toward the tavern's doors. They had opened, and standing there was someone in a dark cloak that shrouded all of their features. They could've been male or female.

"What are you all gawking at!" It was a gruff male's voice, yet it was lyrical and beautiful; like a piano. Everyone looked away, and kept to their own business. 

His walk was graceful, as if he were floating along the floor, rather than walking. He glided not toward the bar, but toward our table. All five of us just laughed and joked about him. It was a mistake, because as soon his crimson eyes caught my icy blue ones, I was entranced. I was not able to move or do anything. He squinted and a voice; his voice, talked to me inside my head.

"Follow me." It said. I did.

He took me away into a dark alley. I was scared for my life, but instead of pulling out a knife to kill me, or doing something else, he bit me in the jugular. My blood flooded out of my neck, and into his mouth. Soon enough, I had blacked out.

As soon as I awoke, I was filled with such a strength, that I knew I could lift the building I was in from the ground. I could see things much better; the colours were clearer, vivid. I could smell everything, and I could associate the smells with things like mould and old medical equipment.

I knew what I was. Vampire.

The End

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