Chapter 3: Matt, the Liar

   Wiping the tears from her eyes, Holly turned to me with the fakest smile and said, "So..." Right then, I knew that I had to keep going on with this, if not for me, but for 'Holly' and her already broken family.

   "I found out what I needed to get back," I paused letting it sink into her juvenile brain,"So, now what?!" with that, lights flashed all around me, I was brought back to two weeks ago, when my so called 'boy friend' claimed that the girl walking out of his house at 9:30 am was his sister.

   "What does this have to do with getting back my..." once again cut short when I saw the girl lean in to kiss Matt. "What the?! This is so not fair! This is so NONE OF YOUR BUISNESS!" my anger built up more and more.

   "Not only is this to help you find the truth, but also to help you to not make the same mistakes over again." Holly's voice came into my head as quick as can be. I very soon found out that even though Holly couldn't be seen, it didn't mean that she wasn't there.

   I watched as my 'boy friend' went into a full blown make-out session with his so-called sister on his front porch. The sight sickened me so much that it took all I had to keep watching. I felt as though every nerve in my body was going to explode. "That lying sack of dog crap!" I had never been into swearing, its way to over rated, but something in me just snapped. Matt had made me mad for the last time. After about ten minutes of swear words flying in every direction, I felt as though I had gotten a large burden off my chest. Sitting down on the side walk trying to cool off, I wondered what I was still doing here.

   Standing up and walking away was the hardest thing I had to do. But as I stepped out into the busy street, I felt a sharp pain coming from my side.

   I awoke in the Angola hospital at 8:03 am. Many people crowded around me as i woke. There was my mom, dad, Suzy, Holly, and their two parents smiling down at me.

   It was July 21, 2010; a Wednesday, at 3:59pm when I died. But it was 8:03 am the next day, when I was given a second chance at life.

The End

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