Chapter 2: Learning the Truth

   Suzy lead me out of the building, and into the busy, car filled street. At first, I flinched, not yet used to the fact that I can quickly walk throught objects with out getting hurt or killed. First she took me to Ridge Way Cemetary, the same place where Suzy Sleping what barried nearly five years ago.

   "To free yourself, you first must set free the truth." Eying me, waiting for my reaction, when finding out there was none, she blindly took me to Suzy's grave sight.

   "What does Suzy have to do with any of this?" I asked, kneeling down beside the grave, straightening the flowers that were placed to its left.

    "All stories that are told are not always true." More of her fortune cookie mumbo-jumbo, GREAT!!!

   Stoping what i was doing and picking myself up off the ground, I pondered what had just happened; 1: I died 2: I killed a little girl and 3: THIS LITTLE GIRL IS CLEARLY SYCO!!!! "So what your saying is that Suzy's death was not an accident..." staring at me, the girl shook her head in disiproval. "She killed herself... she was hit by a car... shot... murdered... allergic reaction... COME ON!!! Oh... WAIT... she was stuck by a bolt of lightening!!" All guesses a total failure.

   With a wave of her hand, we were transported into a house on the outside of Angola. Many pictures filled of the little girl filled the house.

   "Wait a second... this is your house isn't it!" I almost yelled. Just then, a women about my age walked into the room, followed by her parents. "Holy crap!!!" this time I did yell, "No way, your not Suzy... your her sister, Jo-Anne!!"

   "Holly." she whispered, "My new name is Holly. We had to change names when the accident happened." Her voice was filled with fear and her head hung low.

   "Accident, what accident?" totally puzzled now, I wondered if it would have been easier to have stayed dead.

   "That my dear Anna, is for you to find out." the next thing I knew, I was back in Suzy's old house. By the looks of it, I had traveled back to five years ago. I could look threw the window in the dining room and easily see a younger version of Suzy and I sitting in my room, on my bed. The front door swong open and in came Suzy's dad.

   "Hurry, Mary. Pack clothes, food, water, anything but credit cards. We need to get out of here... FAST!!!!" Mr. Shleping looked like he was about to wet himself, but also trying not to yell to loud to alert any neighbors. In the back ground, the news was rambling on about the downtown shooting that had just happened, and about how the shooter had gotten away.

   "The shooting! Your dad witnessed the shooting!!" As I said that, it hit me; changed names, fake deaths.... witness protection program! I returned back to the present to see 'Holly' watching her family.

The End

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