Two Men

Waking up I am on the floor on my back hammock swaying back and forth. Looking at the clock on the wall, I realize I have only been asleep for no more than two hours; it is only one in the morning. I pull myself off the floor with a groan and step out of the bus for some fresh air, grabbing my coat on the way out the door. It’s a little bit warmer here compared to home, but not by much, it’s minus 15 here. We are in a large rest area that has a few outhouses but if I recall there is a truck stop about a quarter mile behind us. Leaving a note for Josh I went for a walk.

About twenty minutes later I arrived at the truck stop, cold, shivering, and annoyed with the lack of sleep I had been getting. Sitting down in a booth three spots from the door, I looked over the menu on the table. The truck stop had about twenty tables scattered in what seemed like an oval shape around the dining area each with a small fake candle on them as the centerpiece. A petite but heavyset lady wearing a white blouse and black skirt with a lovely broad smile came to the table and asked me for my order. I just asked for a hot chocolate and a bowl of chili if they had any.

About fifteen minutes had gone by when I heard the ring of the bell on the door behind me indicating that someone else had entered the café, Turning around I noticed two tall burly guys had come in, walk over to the table next to me, and plop down next to me. The waitress came back with my order then asked the men next from me if they wanted anything. After they declined, she left and I ate my chili and drank my hot chocolate. They had been silent so far so I wasn’t going to try to talk to them; I was too tired anyway. Getting up to leave the two men stood as well. I paid for the food I had eaten and left, with the men following me.

“We have come to shed some light on the dream you have been having.” One of the men said after a few minutes.

 I stopped startled.How could these men know about my dream?

“We know your dream because the Lord has revealed it to us, we are his messengers.” As I stared at the men, one of them seemed familiar, but I couldn’t place him.

“The dream you have been getting is a premonition. You are to show this person the path to salvation before they die. You are not ready to know who this person is yet but you will be soon.” The second man says

“Who is it? I know it isn’t me.” I ask somewhat defiantly.

“As we have already stated, you are not ready to know that but you will be soon.” The first one said. He was slightly taller than the other man.

Both men were wearing what seemed to be heavily used plaid long-sleeved fleece-like shirts one with black and red, the other had blue and black. Both were wearing dark blue ripped jeans that looked like they had worn them excessively. The first one had a huge bushy beard through you could hardly see his face, while the other was clean shaven and had a broad smile seeming to be a very welcoming gentleman.

“How did you know about my dream?” I quizzed.

“We know because God told us. We do not need to tell you all what we know about your dreams. All we will say is that you have been having dreams for the last few days starting the night before you and your friend, Josh, left for Orlando from your home town of Grande Prairie. Your first dream started with you waking up to a 7am alarm with you dying at the end of the dream.”

I stood there with my mouth wide open taken aback that they seemed to know so much. The second man pulled a rolled up piece of paper out of his pocket and handed it to me and told me to put it directly in my pocket and not to look at it until I had a good night’s rest again. They then both turned and walked away, leaving me in the cold wondering what had just happened.

I decided I’d better head back to the bus and started down the road pondering what the men had said. Was it true that God had been sending me a premonition? On the other hand, it could just be my mind playing tricks on me. Of course, I could not answer these questions just yet but I hoped I would be able to soon. Opening the bus door I climbed back in, Josh was still fast asleep so I left the note on the dash and crawled back into my hammock it was now three in the morning I turned over and closed my eyes.

The End

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