Opening my eyes, I am no longer on the rock surrounded by the raging sea. I am in the bus it is still dark out out I look at the clock on the wall and see that it is five AM, rising from my hammock I step out of the bus, The buffalo are gone but there isn’t a scratch on the bus.

Standing in front of the bus stretching I hear a vehicle pull up behind us, as I walk around to the side of the bus I see a state trooper step out of his car. “Hello Sir” I offer with a smile. He stops confused, then walks forward. “We noticed you stop here last night.” He said. “We thought you might be in some sort of trouble since you were still here. Is everything alright?”

“Yes, officer,” I confirm. “We had a bit of an interesting time.” I stated realizing that there was no sign at all that any buffalo had been in the area we were in, so I decided not to mention it.

“Well that’s good.” The Officer replies. “You see last night there was a large accident up ahead around five and we were on our way there when we noticed your vehicle sitting there we just got the site cleaned up now.”

Thinking back to the night before I realize that the time he was describing was about five minutes after the time we had stopped for the buffalo. “What happened?” I asked.

“Well, a tractor trailer unit crossed the highway out of control and ripped through four vehicles before landing on its side and exploding killing everyone involved, we estimate that there were about twenty people killed although we still can’t find one of them. But the highway is open now so you may continue if you wish.”

I stand there shocked, realizing that if we had continued we too would be more than likely dead as well.

Noticing the shock on my face, a look of surprise crosses his face as if he had just realized something. “Are you Peter Michaels?” He asks as if he recognizes me, “And your friend, umm…”

“Joshua Kerrpatrick.” We both say in unison

 “Yes that’s me. Josh is in the bus still sleeping.” I state surprised.

“Wow this is amazing!” The trooper replies excitedly as he motions for his partner to join him. “My name is Corporal Peters and this is my partner Lieutenant Paulson. Yesterday evening about an hour before we got the call for the accident, Paulson and I were having dinner and we both got the urge to pray for safety of two guys in a van. Paulson got some names Joshua Kerrpatrick and Peter Michaels, and I got the letters of the licence plate LVR your licence plate is LVR 749. I didn’t realize it until now as I hadn’t looked at your licence plate yet.” Paulson had now arrived and Josh was just coming out of the bus to see what the commotion was about.

“What’s going on?” Josh asked. I filled him in on what the Corporal had told me as we sat down over an early breakfast of cornflakes and bananas with the two officers.


A Few hours later, we were on the road again about one hundred and fifty miles from where we had stopped. We had seen the accident scene and it was a grizzly sight. We stopped for a few minutes to pray for the families involved before continuing. After a few more hours Josh was driving, I think we were on US 52 but I could not be sure, as I had fallen asleep for part of the trip.

“Hey Josh, sorry about that I must have been tired.” I said with a yawn.

“No Problem Pete. You have been having bad dreams for the last two nights and you need more rest.” Josh confirmed.

“Thanks Josh that helps a lot.” I state, with yet another yawn.

After about another hour of rest I took over driving. We had decided to stop just beyond Minot, North Dakota for the night. Once pulling into Minot, we had a hot meal at Ruby Tuesday off US Route 52.

After a nice hot dinner, we proceeded to leave the city and find a rest stop to get a good night’s sleep.

The End

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