Planted on a Firm Foundation

Standing in a beautiful open field, I take a long deep breath of the fresh air. It is a summer day with the sun shining and the field is green with thick lush grass it feels soft and cool on my bare feet. On the horizon, the blue touches a glassy sea with a humpback whale breaching in the distance and dolphins jumping as high as they can from the crystalline sea. As I start to walk toward the sea, I feel a sense that someone is with me but I am not afraid. I look to my right, no one is there, and I continue to walk feeling the grass on between my toes and enjoying the beauty of this wondrous landscape. After a short time of walking a reach a long golden beach, I stop just at the edge of the beach as if deciding to continue.

Stepping onto the sandy beach a soft voice calls out. I can’t make out what it says, but I feel warm and calm this is so peaceful. I lay down at the edge of the grass feet in the sand, head in the grass. I feel as if I am floating, what a glorious sensation.

After some time, I have no idea how long. I return to my feet and continue walking. Something in the sand catches my attention it looks like Greek lettering written in the sand. As I look closer, I notice it starts to change, after the transformation it reads: “Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you.” Stopping for a moment to ponder I realize this is a verse out of Matthew 7. Wondering what it means for me at this moment in time I continue to stroll down the beach to the edge of the water.

Reaching the edge of the water, I hear a soft voice say to me, “Stoop and drink of the living water I have given.” Stooping, I drink of what seems to be water from a cool and fresh spring, it tastes sweet almost like honey, and as it rolls down my tongue. It feels smooth like cool milk, I look to my left and see a figure, standing beside me, I cannot make out who he is, and he motions for me to stand back from the sea.

Stepping away from the sea, I notice thick black clouds rolling in rapidly from beyond my sight the sea starts to roil fiercely. Stepping back afraid I stumble over something that has risen from the sand turning to look, see a large rock that continues to climb out of the sand. The figure motions for me to climb onto the rock and stay there. I hesitate, but decide to climb on the rock anyway. On the rock I am soon surrounded by wind and high waves, I am terribly afraid, then I notice that the figure is next to me again I look at him closely struck by the beauty of him, as he takes my hand, I realize this is Jesus. Although I can still not see him clearly, I know without hesitation that this is in fact Jesus my Lord and Savior. He speaks, “You are a wise man you have built your life on the solid foundation of me. When the winds, the seas, and the rain feel as if they are too much, remember that I will never leave you nor forsake you. Stand firm on the solid rock, your foundation, do not remove yourself from it, and you will be protected from all that comes your way.”

 I gaze at him and ask, “What about the verse in the sand?”

“That is to remind you that with the dream you have had the last three nights you can ask, seek and knock and I will reveal to you the true meaning of the dream in time.”

Closing my eyes, I consider what he says.

The End

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