Making a Connection

Snapping awake, I realized I had just had the same dream again.

We had decided to stop in Edmonton for the night, as the forecast was not looking very good that day. It had taken us almost nine hours to get to Edmonton the day before due to the bad roads.

 After thinking and praying about the dream, Josh and I decided to hit up the West Edmonton Mall for a few hours before getting back on the road.

At the mall, we decided to go to a little store called ‘The Fig Tree’ a small Christian bookstore. While we were there, I was browsing through the books, when one in particular caught my eye, one about dreams and making sense of them. I grabbed it not taking much thought into the fact that I don’t like reading. I probably wasn’t going to read it anyway.

After going to the ‘Fig Tree’ we decided to hit the water park for some fun. Josh hit all the slides even the aqua loop, which scared him half to death going completely upside down halfway through the slide. I was unable to go on some of slides due to several medical conditions that got in the way.

 After the water park we decided to hit the road, as we had spent too much time in Edmonton.

“Pete?” Josh said looking at me with a questioning look. “You have not been yourself today, what’s going on, you tossed and turned all night last night and woke up with a shot. Is something wrong?”

“To be honest Josh, I don’t know. You see I have had the same dream two nights in a row, and it’s really freaky, now that I think about them, I just realized that there is a difference between them. I didn’t realize it until now. I’m not going to give you the details right now but if I have that dream again I will let you know. The first one you walked into the room and I was myself. The second one I walked into the room, but I was seeing the dream from the same perspective. I’m really confused.”

“Maybe you’re just under attack; don’t forget you have been under a lot of stress in the past several months. I will continue to pray for you.” Josh comforted. “Did you want to grab a bite to eat before we leave? I’m famished and we haven’t had a hot meal since we were at the movie two nights ago.”

“Nah, we can grab some fast food for the road. We have spent too much time here anyway it’s already twelve thirty and we were supposed to be back on the road for Regina, we were planning on stopping there for the night weren’t we?”

“Yeah, and if the roads are going to be anything like yesterday we might be lucky to make Saskatoon.”

After a quick discussion on whether we should try for Regina or stop in Saskatoon we decided we would drive as far as we could before stopping for the night and hit the road early the next morning. As it was one could sleep a bit while the other drove. So I decided to take the first three hours but told Josh he would have to at least be of some company for the beginning of today’s journey.

Jumping on the ‘Yellowhead highway’ the road was wonderful, and we made great time. By four PM, we had already gone through North Battleford where we had stopped for fuel. Josh had decided to try some of their hot wings and now we had to make a few extra rest stops along the road. I had warned him about that problem but he just wouldn’t listen, he liked them too much.

After about another hour or so of driving, cruising at about one hundred and ten kilometers an hour, Bang! The rear drivers tire blew.

“Oh God!” I shrieked as I fought for control of the bus swerving this way and that across two lanes of traffic five times before coming to a stop on the side of the road three kilometers out of Borden. “Thank you God, for giving me the strength to keep this bus on the road, as well as keeping all other vehicles away, keeping all on the road safe.” I breathed with a sigh of extreme relief.

“Holy Cow! That was awesome! Let’s do that again!” Yelled Josh from the passenger seat. I looked over to see him gripping the dash with white knuckles and asked him with a hint of sarcasm in my voice.

“Are you sure you want to do that again? You can’t let go of the dash. You look scared stiff.” He looked in my direction with what I can only describe as a petrified expression on his face. I burst out laughing, much to his chagrin. After a few moments of laughter, I got out of the bus and proceeded to change the tire. I was not going to let him live that one down that’s for sure.

Four hours later, we were another three and a half hours down the road luckily I had been able to change the tire with the full size spare that I had on the back of the bus. We decided that we would get the tire replaced in Regina the next day before leaving town. Josh had called ahead and booked us an appointment so we could get in and out by seven in the morning.

Getting to Regina around ten thirty that evening, we decided to forgo supper and hopped into the hammocks for a hopefully restful night.

The End

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