Life or Death 17-25

In these series of chapters there are many unexpected issues that are faced. Miranda struggles with staying alive while having to step up and taking care of her families well being. There are a series of trials and events that the lead to the families life being on the edge. Miranda also suffers a dear loss from a caretaker during all of the catastrophic events. She is faced with many tribulations during the process.

In Life as we knew it, there are many themes throughout. In chapters 17-25 the theme i have evaluated and discovered is “Some losses just never heal, you just have to learn to carry the burden and shed a tear every now and then”. I feel that this an appropriate theme shadowing the loss of Peter Elliott.  “I’m pretty sure it was Saturday,” the first woman said. “Doesn’t matter, does it? He’s dead. Just about everyone is.” It took me a moment to realize they were saying Peter was dead. Peter who had done all he could to protect us and care for us had died. This is showing how Miranda’s sorrow for the death of someone who was a caretaker.


The forces that motivate the characters’ actions and decisions in the novel are the well being of Miranda’s loved ones. She strives and perseus to do everything she can to save her mother and brothers. As just a child she goes above and beyond her maturity to do what is necessary for her family. MIranda was having to force aspirin down her own mother's throat, then later having to resolve to dissolving it in her tea. She was the strongest out of her bunch. She ended up putting her family in danger by not being cautious of the woodstove backfiring, smoke inhalation can kill you.

The End

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