Life Or Death

This is just a SHORT story that I wrote yesterday when I was bored at my dads.

   Summer, the best six letter word ever invented. Summer brings long nights, early parties, but best of all, summer brings love. A blaring horn awoke me from my trance. Flashing lights appeared in the car window. It was 4:15 pm on a Wednesday afternoon when the cops showed up at the scene. It was 3:59 pm that same day, when I died.

   For the next three weeks, two different News Papers held the head lines; "Missing, Anna St. Clare." and "Unidentified body, Around 17 Years of Age, Strawberry Brunite, Roughly 190 Pounds." Mugshots were posted all over down town Detroit, Michigan and Angola, Indiana. It took two weeks for someone to connect being missing with my body. It took two weeks for someone to care.

   As I stood outside the morgue watching my parents hug and cry, I wonder "What am I still doing here, why can't I leave this world behind?!" Fear passed over me as a little girl around 9 years old walked past me. I could sware that she was stairing straight at me.

   "I am," she says, brushing the hair out of her face. I had to admit, I was a little afraid at first, but then I realized what was happening.

   "What, who..." my sentence was cut short as my attention swiched back to my sobing parents.

   "Who's... who's the little girl next to Anna?" my mom asked the attendent standing to her right.

   "What little girl?! There was no little girl with me!" I practically yelled in my moms ear, pushing past her to glare into the window. "There was no little gi..." Glued to the floor I stood there in disbelief. There on the cement slab next to my body lay the little girl with beautiful, dark blonde hair and a burnt up face. Looking to my left, I stood there half looking at the dead body in the other room, and at the little girl flipping through a SpongeBob book.

   "What do you mean 'who is it...' isn't she your other daughter?" the attendent questioned. Then it dawned on me, I knew who thislittle girl was.

   Once again looking to my left, I found that the little girl was no longer sitting down, but she was right next to me.

   "Wrong way," she chanted. "You were going the wrong way."

   Wrong way... I was going the wrong way. During my twenty second black out in the car, I had managed to steer the car into the other lane and onto the side walk. The only truth of what I had originally thought had happened was the car horn. A car did try to singal for me to watch out, but instead of the lights being from a car, it was lights reflecting off of a reflecter on a bike.

   The short truth of the matter is, I had ran over this girl; it was my fault that her life had ended. So now I had to pay for what I had done.

   "No, not it." the little girl said, staring at me with her beautiful blue eyes. "Thats so not it. You dont need to pay, I'm here to help you. This can all be re-done, but your going to need my help."

   Letting what she had just said sink in, I kneeled down, talking face to face with her. "So, little helper, what do I call you." What the heack, lets give this a shot. Whats the worst thing that can happen, I'm already dead!

   "I have many names, but you can call me Suzy." I could tell that she was reading into my life because Suzy had been the name of my sixth grade best friend. Why I say 'was' is because Suzy died on my 12th birthday.

   "Ok Suzy, lets go this." holding her hand, we walked past my histarical parents and out of the building.

The End

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