Onwards Adventure!Mature

Drew woke up to find himself alone and cold. Felicity was nowhere to be seen, so he pulled his top on and exited the temporary den he and Felicity had made. Once he got out, he saw her instantly. Her blonde curls were bouncing up and down as she ran between the traps collecting a variety of creatures, some Drew had never caught before, when finally she caught sight of him. 
"Oh, hello sleepy head! I was wondering when you would wake up." Drew let out a loud yawn and stretched his arms as far as he could, then they fell messily beside his hips. 
"Sorry. I've never slept that long before. I must have been comfortable." He winked at her and began flexing - for some reason he felt that he needed to impress her. She giggled and went back to sorting out their meal.

Drew went back to the tend, grabbed his bag and handed her his cooking spit. He walked around their small  campsite and began collecting some twigs and stones to make a small fire pit. When he had constructed it, he found some dry grass and began striking  two stones together, making sparks which he directed at the grass. After a few attempts, the grass caught fire and Drew began working on keeping it alight. After it failed and went out twice, the fire was roaring and ready for the spit to be placed above it. Felicity started cooking two squirrels on the spit, turning ever so often to cook them throughly. When they were finally cooked, they dug in and ate quietly. 

After they'd eaten and packed up camp, they set off again. Neither one of them knowing where they were going, but both of them agrees that wherever they went, it would be an adventure they were willing to face. They spent hours creating a song to keep them going.

No matter what, we stick together where ever we may venture.
No matter what we get into, we say Onwards Adventure!

The End

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