The DreamMature

At around three o'clock in the morning, Drew woke from a peaceful slumber. There was a squeal coming from outside, so he decided to inspect it. Felicity had rolled off of him and was curled up in a ball next to him, so he had to be sure not to wake her up. He slowly crawled over her and pulled the sheet aside. He looked around, but there was nothing walking around, no animals fighting. There was, however, traps full of stouts and even a small fox cub, something he'd never caught before and hope he would catch again. After checking once more for any danger, Drew closed the sheet and curled up under the quilt again. 

As soon as his eyes shut, Drew was dreaming of himself and Felicity free and adventuring around the world together. Exploring the jungles and swimming the river Nile in Eygpt, quickly escaping the crocodiles. But then, as soon as he and Felicity got out of the river, Drew toppled over and everything changed. His chest began to burn and he became excruciatingly hot all over his body. The blue sky of Egypt began to turn red, then a dark brown, then black. Drew heard a large growl and a loud bark to follow.
Drew sat bolt upright, sweating from head to toe and panting loudly.
"Drew? Are you okay? Whats wrong?"
"Nothing. I...I'm fine." But he knew that was a lie. Something was happening, he was changing. And there was nothing he could do to stop it.

The End

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