On the run againMature

"Oi. You there! What you doin' in the woods? We're cuttin' 'em down. Get outta here!" said the tallest man. Drew froze on the spot. How could he leave his home? He had no-where else to go, he couldn't just run.
"I.. er.. live here." The three men looked at each other and burst into a fit of synchronized laughter. 
"Look 'ere now boy. We've been told to chop down this 'ere tree. We're gettin' over £200 each. I'm not gunna turn that down because a boy says he lives here. Now get!" said the fattest man as he picked him up by the collar of his shirt and threw him to the ground. Drew looked longingly back at his burrow and thought of his wolf toy. I don't need it. I have to go.
He knew he couldn't go back.  But that didn't mean he wouldn't.

When the three men had retreated back to the other side of the park, Drew made a break for it. He dove into the burrow and grabbed one of the broken satchels he discovered by the old school gates, and shoved clothes, his campfire spit, and finally, his scruffy wolf toy. He hugged it to his chest and breathed a sigh of relief. He threw it into the bag and began to exit the burrow. He looked to the left to see the men all sat on what looked like deck chairs, laughing a a small metal box. He looked the the right and saw that his traps had caught three rabbits, a squirrel, a stout and a small blackbird. He quickly collected the animals and took down all the traps and put it all in his satchel. 

It had been over two hours since Drew left the burrow he'd created. He was about to cross a small stream when he heard twigs snapping. He turned around and saw a girl following him. She was covered in mud and had frizzy hair pointing in all directions. She looked about the same age as Drew. But there was something about her that struck him a unique. "Are you following me?" He didn't want to startle her, he thought she was beautiful. Maybe she would go with him? "I'm sorry. I just didn't want to be on my own. People were cutting down trees and I saw you running. I notice you live in the woods too." Drew was shocked. A girl? Living in the woods alone? When he lived in a care-home, all the girls were terrified of mud and they always washed their hair every other day. This girl was nothing like them in the slightest.
"Um, yeah. Who are you?"
"I'm Felicity. I've lived in the woods for four years now and someone cut down my tree and found my hole. I ran and saw them telling you to leave. I figured, we're in the same situation, why not go together." Drew smiled.
"I'd love to. I'm Drew by the way."

The End

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