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Ever wondered what it would be like to never have a family? To watch in amazement as you see the children being pushed on the park swings while you're in your hidden base in the bushes?
Welcome to Drew's world. Drew never knew his family well and was put in a care-home, with his sister, on his fourth birthday. He was brought in with cuts and scratches over his body. But no-one knew where they came from, and neither did Drew. Until his sixteenth birthday.

Drew Fredrick was a fifteen year old boy who lived in a small underground burrow in Richmond Park, London, and he was very proud of his home, which took over three years to perfect. Every night he would set out traps made out of twigs and nettles to catch some breakfast for the next day, usually he'd catch a squirrel or a rabbit, but the occasional stout was a good feast. 

Before Drew began building his burrow, he lived in a small care-home called 'Gillmen's Foster Home'. For as long as he could remember, Drew had lived in care-homes. He hated every one and always imagined running away. It was only when he got transferred to Gillmen's that he decided he was fed up. 
He had been in his room reading his Scouts magazine about Bear Grylls, when his room-mate Jake ran in with a pile of books. "Drew! What are you doing! Magazines aren't allowed in this room. Only books. Well, unless the magazine is about books!" Jake was a short stout boy, who loved reading. His side of the room had shelves and shelves of books and they were starting to fill up Drew's side of the room. "Jake. This is my room too and I can do whatever I want. Now leave me alone." Jake's face screwed up and he burst into tears. Jake was only nine, whereas Drew was twelve, and he didn't like shouting. The care-worker, Stan, ran into the room and, without figuring out the issue, told Drew to go outside and leave Jake alone. Drew decided that day that he would go outside. He decided he would leave and make a home for himself in the woods. 
So that night, he packed his bag full of clothes, a box of matches, some sweets and a picture of his sister Mary, who had been adopted two years ago. Then he left the care-home and ran.


After setting up his traps for the night, Drew burrowed into his home and pulled a variety of brightly coloured leaves over himself and closed his eyes. The burrow was quite large and full of knick-knacks Drew had found over the three years he had lived there. There were three 'rooms' which each had a tunnel from the entrance. The bedroom was the second biggest room, it was full of red, yellow, orange and green leaves scattered on the floor, with small holes in the mud which Drew stuffed his clothes. The bathroom was the smallest room, it was also the closest to the exit, as the smell was revolting. It had a large hole with a bright red bucket filled with water inside it, its purpose is self-explanatory. The largest room was the living room, Drew's favourite room. It had a box in the corner filled with abandoned toys left in the park near the burrow; a red shovel, a blue bucket, a large purple dump-truck, etc. But his prized possession would have to be the scruffy, brown stuffed wolf toy he found underneath the climbing frame one night. It wasn't that it was fluffy and growled when you squeezed it that intrigued him, but he saw himself in the toy, a lone wolf. 

Drew woke up to the birds tweeting, as he did every morning, but this time there was a loud drilling sound. Drew jumped out of the leaves that covered him and walked through the tunnels until he reached the exit. He poked his head out of the hole, which he'd hidden with the Willow's vines, and looked for the source of the sound. He saw nothing and grabbed the rabbit in his trap. He retreated back into his hovel and used some leaves and twigs to make a mound in the living room. He picked up two stones and hit them together, creating sparks which lit the leaves and started a controlled fire. He had a makeshift campfire spit with pieces of pipe he'd found on his day trips. He pierced the pipe through the rabbit and placed it above the fire, turning it over like it was a marshmallow on a stick.  After a few minutes, the meal was ready. He tucked into the succulent rabbit meat and relaxed.

It wasn't long after he'd extinguished the fire and got rid of all the rabbit bones that the load drilling noise erupted through the burrow. He decided it was safe to venture outside and explore. But when he came out, he faced three men and a large chainsaw. It wasn't as safe as he thought.

The End

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