There's always going to be the one kid in everyone's class that no one understands. The one who hides away behind a book, or barely ever says a word. The one too shy to get up in front of the class because of the fear that consumes their mind. Never think you know someone just from what you see. That shy girl in the back row? She may have been beaten by the one she loved most. That boy who you've never heard speak? He may have seen his parents murdered before his very eyes. Be careful who you a

    "Open the damn door! I know you're in there, Sophie! I'm not playing games with you anymore, you have ten seconds to open this door or I will break it down." 

     She sat up against the wall next to the sink, hugging her knees and sobbing quietly. She knew what would happen if she did not open the door but she couldn't get herself to open  the door. His foot slammed into the bottom of the door over and over as he began to count down. "...8....7..."  she closed her eyes tighter and tighter as she heard the banging on the door in sync with his counting. "3....2...." she held her breath as his footsteps seemed to fade down the hall, and everything went silent. 

     Minutes had passed and there was no sign of him anywhere, she slowly rose to her feet and tiptoed to the door. She pressed her ear to the door and bite down on her lip, praying quietly to herself that he had given up. Just as her hand reached the doorknob, a loud crash came from the other side of the door and thudded against the other side of the door. She backed up, her heart pounding and her ears ringing. 

     "Okay, okay! You win! Just p-please stop this!"  

      Sophie stuttered and made her way back toward the door.  The cold floor beneath her feet suddenly feeling like jelly as her entire body began to give way to fear. Her hand wrapped around the door handle and she slowly turned it, hearing the lock click as she hesitantly opened the door. She knew what was about to happen and she braced herself for the worst.

    Ethan slowly pushed the door all the way open with his hand, his face beat red like it always was when he was angry. Sophie looked down at her feet, refusing to make eye contact as he stepped closer and closer, she could already smell the alcohol on his breath. He stopped, his face just inches from hers as a sly smiled played across his face. 

    "You never learn, do you Soph?" his fingers glided through her hair, tucking it behind her ear. "am the one who goes to work every day, am the one who has always been there for you, and how do you repay me? By hiding from me?!" he hand left her hair and quickly slapped her across the face. Sophie's head reeled backwards as she held her burning cheek. Her eyes filled with tears and her lip trembled as she slowly was able to speak.

 "I'm sorry, Ethan... I'm so sorry..."  she whispered.

He stepped back away from her and smiled. She knew he loved it when she apologized for his wrong doing, and she hated giving him the satisfaction. But, if it meant he would not hit her again she was willing to do anything. 


The End

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