It's Just Good Business (Being Friends Is)

       Saran was checking the understructure of the bridge when he felt footsteps echoing across it. He let go, swinging on the rope tether that held him from plummeting to the riverbed below, and used his momentum to help him clamber up the other side.
       “Oh, it's you again.”
       The knight held a bag, heavy with coin, upright in his open hand. It was hard to recognize him otherwise, bereft of his usual suit of armour. “Nice to see you too.”
       Saran grunted. “If you keep stopping by like this, I'm going to need something to call you.”
       “Really? And why's that?”
       “So when you leave I can curse your name for disturbing my work again.”
       “Blue will do.”
       “Blue? Ah. Yes, I see.” Saran thought back to the many crossings this knight—no, Blue—had made, in blue-tinged plate. “I suppose that'll do. Are you going to give me that bag, or make me come over there and get it? And what's with the riding leathers? You forgot your horse?”
       “Not out questing, for once,” Blue sighed gratefully, “Just out for a walk.”
       “Ah. Right.” Saran untied the tether, hoisted himself over the side of the bridge, strode over to Blue, and plucked the bag from his open hand. “Keep walking then.”

The End

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